June 24, 2017

2017-J.M.S. Presents - R.I.P. Prodigy

Like so many worldwide I am still reeling at this loss (A special thanks to my old Friend Matt B for notifying me of the tragic and sad news the day that it hit), this one hit me hard and it never gets easier losing someone that (sonically) had become such a huge part of your life for so long and in all honesty as much as I love "Shook Ones Pt. II"..."Survival of The Fittest" was the joint that gave me serious chills down my spine and has in my honest opinion the illest use of a pitched down piano and horn samples in Hip Hop music period.

Needless to say that it was worn out by the repeat button and thankfully I got to see Mobb Deep live a little while ago but it's crazy to think that there won't be a Hav and P anymore.

I planned to do a lengthy tribute post but because I don't have the energy (we just keep losing the great ones) or the time (my Family return home soon which will certainly mean way less posts but this blog in various forms has been going since 2007 and I refuse to let it die) I am just going to let this 25 track deep compilation (which was really tough to compile) speak for itself and in short Prodigy was a beast and was the epitome of raw, grimy and hardcore Hip Hop and he proudly represented Queensbridge and East Coast Hip Hop to the fullest.

Since P's passing I have listened to well over 300 of his recordings and like the late, great Guru said it's mostly the voice and Prodigy indeed had that but he also had a stand up and pay attention prose, a seriously ill, menacing and cold flow and he could rap circles around some of the vets, he also worked with many of the great Producers and MC's and that is why he is so revered in Hip Hop.

My sheer condolences go out to the Johnson Family, Havoc, Tragedy, Big Noyd, Infamous Mobb, Cormega, Nas etc and to all every true Hip Hop head that knows exactly how much the passing of Albert "Prodigy" Johnson is one of the greatest losses in Hip Hop since Phife's passing.

2017-J.M.S. Presents - R.I.P. Prodigy

01 Mobb Deep - Flavor For The Non Believes
02 Mobb Deep - Peer Pressure (The Large Professor Remix)
03 Mobb Deep - Shook Ones
04 Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest
05 Mobb Deep - Back At You
06 Nas - Live Nigga Rap (feat. Mobb Deep)
07 Mobb Deep -The Bridge
08 Screwball - The Heat Is On ft. Prodigy, Godfather Don
09 Frankie Cutlass - Know Da Game (feat. Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, M.O.P.)
10 Mobb Deep - G.O.D. PT. III (Je$u$ RMX)
11 PMD - It's The Pee 97 (Street) (feat. Prodigy)
12 Cormega - Killaz Theme (feat. Mobb Deep)
13 Durag Dynasty -  Fish Meat (featuring Prodigy)
14 Das EFX ft Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (41st Side Remix)
15 Big Pun - Tres Leches (Triboro Triology) (ft. Prodigy, Rebel INS)
16 Pete Rock - The Game (Feat. Raekwon, ProdigyGhostface Killah)
17 Mobb Deep - Hoodlum (ft. Big Noyd, Rakim)
18 Mobb Deep - Feel My Gat Blow
19 AZ - Save Them (feat. RaekwonProdigy)
20 Prodigy - R.I.P. (Ft Havoc, Raekwon)
21 Mobb Deep - Spread Love
22 Prodigy - Stronger (Prod. by King Benny)
23 Mobb Deep - Never Goin' Back
24 Mobb Deep - Where Ya Heart At
25 Prodigy - You Can Never Feel My Pain

Bonus Joint: D.V. Alias Khrist feat Mobb Deep -Building


R.I.P. Prodigy 
November 2, 1974 - June 20, 2017

June 11, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Sylvan Esso - "Rewind" (2017)

What Now the sophomore album from Durham, North Carolina Electro-Pop outfit
Sylvan Esso (Amelia Meath and Nicholas Sanborn) has been on high rotation since it's release back in April of 2017.

What Now is the follow up to their debut self titled album released in 2014 that contained the gems "Hey Mami" and "Play It Right".

While I enjoy all of the album a great deal, "Rewind" is one that I often go back to, it's just a perfect slice of Electro-Pop provided by Nicholas's interesting array of production, laid-back guitars, clattering kettle drums, bass and wobbling synth sound and Amelia's glittering and airy vocals.

It's all described beautifully by Amelia herself...

"This is about me watching scenes from movies over and over again when I was a kid, learning turns of phrases and dance moves, and how to be a person. The chorus is about repeated viewings on VHS — how when you are rewinding something the picture dims and when you press 'play,' the room floods with light again. It is about building your personality from media, and then slowly dismantling it to become an honest human and an amalgamation of your influences from family, friends, movies, music and idols."

June 3, 2017

2017-J.M.S. Presents - Dem No Wicked Like (90's Ragga/Hip Hop Compilation)

01 A Tribe Called Quest - His Name Is Mutty Ranks (Produced by The Ummah) (1998)
02 Nicodemus, Junior Demus, Super Cat, Junior Cat - Cabin Stabbin (Remix) (Produced by Kenny Dope and Little Louie Vega) (1994)
03 Burro Banton - Sensi Cheeba (Hip Hop Mix) (Produced by Bobby Konders) (1995)
04 Apache - Hey Girl (feat. Milo & Collie Weed) (Produced by Large Professor) (1993)
05 Asher-D - Ragga Talk (Produced by Simon Harris) (1991)
06 Shinehead ft. Sleepy Wonder - Me and Them (Produced by Sugarless) (1994)
07 Jigsy King - Gimme The Weed (Break A Dawn Remix) (Produced by Buddah Stretch) (1995)
08 Capleton ft. Q-Tip - Original Man (1997) (Produced by Herbie Miller, Ian Allen)
09 Jamal-Ski ft. Michael Rose - Ragga Youth (Produced by T-Ray) (1993)
10 Red Fox -Ya Can't Test Me Again (Produced by DJ Premier) (1993)
11 Culture Posse - For Real (Troopa's Jeep Mix) (1993) (Produced by Kasem and Kenny Dope)
12 Kali Ranks - Kill Dem All (Produced by Marc Pomeroy) (1995)
13 Shabba Ranks - Ting-A-Ling (Remix) (Produced by K-Def and Marley Marl) (1993)
14 De La Soul ft. Yankee B - Itzsoweezee (Hot) (De La Soul Remix) (1996)
15 Buju Banton - Champion [Hip Hop Remix] (Produced by "Prince Charles" Alexander and Rob "Fonksta" Bacon)
16 Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remi Version) (1995)
17 Poor Righteous Teachers - Selah (1993) (Produced by Tony-D)
18 Terror Fabulous - Yaga Yaga ft. Gary Minott (Beatminerz Remix) (1994)
19 Mad Cobra - Flex (Sex Mix) (Produced by Clifton "Specialist" Dillon) (1992)
20 George Nooks and Lupa - Real Man (Radio Edit) (Produced by PK and Psycho Les) (1996)

2017-J.M.S. Presents - Dem No Wicked Like (90's Ragga/Hip Hop Compilation)


May 28, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Portishead - "Humming" (1997)

Another classic album celebrating it's 20 year anniversary is Bristol's legendary Portishead's sophomore album simply titled Portishead which was the follow up to the Trip Hop classic Dummy (1994), a perfect soundtrack for grey and bleak rainy days and chill mode after a big night out (or in).

Fans were very curious why the follow up album took so long but were quickly hushed once they got to listen it. Portishead didn't have the same impact as the debut album but was still a great follow up but definitely a more darker sounding album and the track I have chosen here is a perfect example of how ill Geoff Barrow's production really was (he should have produced more Underground Hip Hop records because he was giving RZA a run for his money at one stage) and how Beth Gibbon's shimmering vocals were the perfect accompaniment to his production.

I've always loved how "Humming" starts with orchestral strings, eerie and haunting Sci-Fi sounds and leads up to the scratchy, slow pitched crunchy drum break (the original artist escapes me at the moment sorry) and rumbling bassline all dripped in oceans of reverb.

If you haven't been exposed to Portishead before, I suggest that you start with Dummy, then search all of the remixes and B-Sides, move on to the remixes for other artists (Paul Weller, Primal Scream, Massive Attack, Bjork etc) and then check for this LP, the Third LP and who knows we still might get another Portishead album in our lifetime.

May 20, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: The Doppelgangaz - "Olympics" (2017)

Some brand new Dopp Gang (EP and Matter Ov Fact) illness taken from the forthcoming LP Dopp Hopp, which I am really looking forward to if this one and the previously released "Rapamycin" are anything to go by. I personally feel that they get better with each album and I played this one to a colleague who hadn't been exposed to them, he said man this is dope, why haven't I heard of these dudes before? Dope indeed.

You can pre-order the album and Dopp merchandise at the following spots:

DoppHopp_IT (iTunes)
DopHopp_BC (Bandcamp)


May 13, 2017

J.M.S. Presents - Man, We Had It So Good (1990-93 Dance/Soul Anthems) Vol.2

Peace, here is the second volume of the Man, We Had It So Good series, a look back at more of some of the finest that the early 90's had to offer in Dance/Soul music.

Like the first one, this was a genuine joy to compile and took me down some fascinating trips down memory lane.

This volume focuses more on the Soul side of things of which the UK was immensely good at and you will hear a barrage of rumbling bass-lines, pianos, classic and fat drum breaks and loops and truly soulful vocals.

I have a theory that the music was so much better back then because people were happy with what they had and social media  and smart phones (both double edged swords) hadn't changed the way people communicate and people were connecting with each other on a proper Human level, the music was the soundtrack to their lives, this was well before fake celebrities, fake artists and fake presidents changed the World for the worse.

So much of today's music is just empty, void of any soul and without any substance because the people recording it are disconnected and don't care about the culture behind it but with that said a lot of great music still gets made and I quite enjoy Deep House/Soulful House and Liquid Drum and Bass because you can feel the heart, soul and passion that goes into it.

NB: I've been trying to track down old copies of Music Week's Record Mirror dance supplements as it it had the best Dance charts, if you have any of these in PDF please send me an email

So once again, enjoy :)

J.M.S. Presents - Man, We Had It So Good (1990-93 Dance/Soul Anthems) Vol.2

01 Sugar Bullet - Dreaming
02 Loose Ends - Don't You Ever (Try To Change Me)
03 Banderas - This is Your Life [Less Stress Mix]
04 Kim Edwards - Stand Tall
05 Volume Ten - Pride
06 Innocence - Natural Thing (Elevation Mix)
07 Caron Wheeler - Livin' in the Light (The Original Story)
08 Sade - Feel No Pain (Nellee Hooper Remix)
10 Lindy Layton - Lines
11 Less Stress - Don't Dream It's Over (Edit)
12 Movement 98 (feat. Caroll Thompson) - Joy & Heartbreak (Mellow Mix)
13 Joanna Law - First Time Ever (Mellow Groove)
14 Omar - There's Nothing Like This (Remix)
15 One World - Down On Love
16 YoYo Honey - Groove On (Perfecto Mix)
17 Jesus Loves You - Generations Of Love (Oakenfold Mix)
18 SFS -I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby (Karen Carpenter Late Night Mix)
19 Bassomatic - Fascinating Rhythm (Extended Version)
20 The Beloved - The Sun Rising (Danny's ''Love Is''... Remix)

Until the next one...

May 7, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Juice With Soul - "Body Armour" (1993)

Juice With Soul (Juice and Soul) was one of those groups that had a minor hit in the 90's, ("Gang Lingo" with Lt. Stitchie) which was a firm radio and club fave in 1993) dropped a decent album on a major label (Atlantic) and then vanished into the ether, this was sort of the case for this duo of Bostonites but member Juice/Big Juan later went on to be a part of the Kreators who are probably best known for the superb posse cut "Home" (which featured the late, great Guru).

"Body Armour" lifted UK legend's Soul II Soul's "Fairplay" drums to great effect and some smooth horns in the hook while tales of corrupt cops are told.

Sadly Juice/Big Juan lost his battle to cancer in April of 2016.

Bonus Joint"To The Uumhm" which sports one of the greatest piano loops used in the 90's and the fat "Zimba Ku" drums.


April 29, 2017

J.M.S. Presents - Man, We Had It So Good (1990-93 Indie-Dance Anthems) Vol.1

J.M.S. Presents - Man, We Had It So Good (1990-93 Indie-Dance Anthems) Vol.1

01 St. Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (LP Version)
02 Soho - Hippychick (Happiness Is A Warm Hippy Mix)
03 The Sindecut - Tell Me Why
04 Masssive Attack - Safe From Harm (LP Version)
05 Soul II Soul - Love Come Through (LP Version)
06 Martine Girault- Revival (Rebirth Edit)
07 Shara Nelson - Down That Road (LP Version)
08 Zoe - Sunshine On A Rainy Day (Reformation Version)
09 Bomb The Bass - Winter In July (Brighton Daze Mix)
10 Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Nelle Hooper Vocal Mix)
11 Maureen Walsh -Thinking Of You (Dreaming of You Mix)
12 DNA feat Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (12'' Mix)
13 The Cure - Close To Me (Closer Mix)
14 World Unite - World Unite
15 Electronic - Get The Message (DNA Remix)
16 The Farm - Groovy Train
17 Happy Mondays - Step On
18 The Sugarcubes - Birthday [Justin Robertson 12" Mix]
19 Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun
20 The Grid - Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix)

(Proudly compiled by DJ Jaz)

This 20 track deep compilation represents (in my opinion) some of the very finest music that Dance and Indie (Baggy) music had to offer music lovers and club heads in the early 90's.

My hope is that these tracks evoke some great memories and a truly joyous trip down memory lane or if you are new to any of these then I hope you enjoy them.

I have spent pretty much all of my Life around music whether selling it, playing it in clubs/bars etc or on radio, writing about it, dancing to it or just listening to it and as I grow older (I'm 44 now with a beautiful Daughter and a Lovely Wife) I have (like many others before me) deeply gone down nostalgia lane and actually came out a better person for it I feel.

I sifted through hundreds of tracks and changed the track-listings over many times but I honestly feel that this first volume is a great compilation and does what I set it out to do.

The 90's just had soul, style, heart, substance and creativity in a massive abundance and I can fondly recall a session around or '92 or 93 where I said "Man, I wish I could just repeat these years over and over again".

I had all of these tracks on 12", CD or CD single or Cassingle at one stage but most have either got sold, lost or stolen (as it goes) however it's 2017 now and we live in a digital age and I for one am incredibly grateful for today's technology.

This compilation is especially dedicated to my old Vivian Street crew, my old Cuba Street and Stussy crew (Evening Post famous once haha) all of the old Naked Angel and Midnight Espresso crew, Clinton Smiley, Cian and Cool Tone from The Soul Mine
Colin Morris and Steve H and the crew from Colin Morris Records every single person I had the good fortune of meeting through great music and last but definitely not least...every single DJ that rocked these tracks and others like it and made me lose my mind on the dance floor.

The 90's were indeed a very special and unique time.

Until the next one ;)

April 22, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: EPMD - "Do It Again" (1997)

This week's joint of the week is from (as you would already well know) my all time fave MC team EPMD and while I dive into Erick Sermon's lengthy resume, I'm starting to wonder why he never gets mentioned alongside DJ Premier and Pete Rock, Dilla and Marley Marl when he has done so much for not only Hip Hop but R&B & Reggae/Hip Hop as well and while I'm not a fan he has also produced some commercial material that should have seen him earn big bucks but it didn't really happen and I wonder if he regrets supplying dope beats for overblown and overrated fraudulent rappers?...who knows lol

"Do It Again" is "Green Eyed Bandit Funk" formula for sure but damn it works, when I first heard this back in 1997 on their comeback album "Back In Business" I was surprised that E-Dub had not usedTom Browne's classic Jazz Funk number "Funkin' For Jamaica" before, sure E had used elements of it in L.O.D.'s "Feel It" (1996) and a few other joints but he hadn't used it like he did on "Do It Again" incorporating elements of it
and I suspect it might have been difficult to chop up as there is a lot of busy vocal work among the instruments but E flipped it superbly and Erick and Parrish throw rhymes back like and forth like old times and sound right at home.

The Back In Business LP certainly had it's moments but it's not overly an essential EPMD album in my view, some tracks felt a bit thrown together and they were capable of much better, still it is worth revisiting and this track was one of the highlights for me.

Bonus Joint: L.O.D. -"I Feel It"


April 8, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Big Tabb - "Laid Back" (1993-94)

Peace, it has been a while between drinks but you know how busy Life can get...this week's joint of the week is pure underground East Coast flav (via Philly aka Illadelph) taken from Bigg Tabb's unreleased album Who's Wreckin The Mic (recorded between 1993-94) kindly put out there by the true heads at Chopped Herring who will be on their 200th release shortly.

Bigg Tabb aka Jakk Frost is best known for his "It's Nice Outside" b/w "Brothers In Da Hood" 12' released in 1993.

"Laid Back" produced by MG aka Mentally Gifted (a name you will know well if you listened to Da Youngsta's back in the day) is exactly why I love and miss 90's Hip Hop so damn much, a rhythm infused track with well placed Biz Markie and Rakim vocal samples and Tabb going for broke sounding like a combination of Grand Puba and Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard with a guest appearance by One Man Riot?

Pick up the CD or LP here


Fat shout out to Appleseed.

March 18, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Grand Puba - "Fat Rat" (1991)

The movie was extremely forgettable (I honestly could not tell you one actor that was in it) but the soundtrack released way back in 1991 contained one of my all time fave Grand Puba tunes "Fat Rat" (Puba's first solo joint?) that sampled the classic 1982 Fonda Rae tune "Over Like A Fat Rat", Grand Pu was behind the boards and he didn't just lazily loop it straight up he cut out vocal sections to dope effect.

Grand Pu went for broke on this and his rhymes and overdubs are hilarious ("uh uhhh huhhh") and his rhymes about skins and weed are delivered in a classic Grand Puba Maxwell style.

Grand Puba still makes music to this day to varying quality but his latest album had some dope cuts and he is indeed a legendary vocalist and producer with a lengthy resume of singles, albums and guest appearances dating all the way back to 1986.

Keep rising to the top!

March 12, 2017

Joint of The Week: The A.T.E.E.M.- "Get It On" (1992)

The A.T.E.E.M. was a short lived group that featured the legendary Chubb Rock's younger brother Rob Swinga, Hot Dog (who had a cameo on Black Sheep's -"Pass The 40" and FM (2 of Chubb's former dancers)

"Get It On" is pure 1992 Hip Hop music, a classic break, bugged out loop, a speaker rattling bassline, horns, a Chuck-D sample and braggadocio lyrics and numerous mentions to Women as "squaws", produced by The Trackmasterz (Poke and Red Hot Lover Tone) before they became well massive and in-demand producers and re-mixers, this cut appeared on their debut and only album A Hero Ain't Nuttin' But A Sandwich (1992)


March 5, 2017

30 Years of Boogie Down Production's - "The Bridge is Over"

Listen to and watch the legendary Kool DJ Red Alert break down the beginnings of one of the greatest diss tracks and also one of the greatest Hip Hop tracks of all time, it really is mind boggling that it has been 30 years!!!

The History:

I remember having a dubbed cassette of the truly classic and legendary debut Boogie Down Productions album Criminal Minded album and I saved up my milk and paper run money up for the LP (and eventually the CD) and this was honestly an album that got played to death in my Walkman and on my stereo (and my Dad's ones as well)...

KRS was a very staunch believer that Hip Hop started out in the Bronx (a known fact to all true Hip Hop heads) and was not amused with MC Shan's "The Bridge" (1986) claiming that Queens was the place to be.

BDP recorded "South Bronx" (1986) breaking down South Bronx Hip Hop history and telling the World that he didn't "hear a peep from a place called Queens" Shan responded with "Kill That Noise" (1987) where Marley tells Shan did that he didn't hear him say that Hip Hop started in"The Bridge" on his record and with Shan responding "I didn't, they wanted to get on the bandwagon".

In turn BDP recorded "The Bridge Is Over" (ironically at Power Play Studios in Queens) and went straight for the jugulars of MC Shan (even dissing his Puma footwear), Roxanne Shante & The Juice CrewQueens Producer/Remixer extraordinaire Marley Marl and the late, great DJ Mr Magic who dissed "Success Is The Word" (1985) that was performed by KRS One and the late, great DJ Scott La Rock's first group 12:41 

The record was first released on March 3rd, 1987 on B-Boy Records and the rest is cemented firmly in Hip Hop history for ever.

Roxanne Shante responded with "Have A Nice Day" and told KRS that his name sounded "like a wack radio station" and that DJ Scott La Rock should be ashamed for biting T-La Rock's name and referring to BDP as "Broken Down Punks".

Others got involved too like Queensbridge roughneck, Blaq Poet (Screwball) who at one stage had BDP member and Bronx Hip Hop legend Just Ice looking for him with a shotgun and MC Butchy B and a couple of others...all of this broken down in this very insightful article 

I wasn't buying the recent beef between KRS and Shan, it just seems played out to me but KRS and Marley are on speaking terms and actually recorded an album in 2007 which had some dope tracks and even featured Blaq Poet.

Diss records are not really the same today, you either get wack artists dissing other wack artists with weak disses that supposedly "bodied" the other rapper and are just corny or forgettable.

However it's always great to see actual Rappers in the culture for the art-form harshly strip down the awful and literally fake and plastic "artists" that pollute the industry today and their only response is to mention low record sales.

Fresh for 2017 You Suckers!!!

March 3, 2017

Joint of The Week: Nao - "DYWM (Gellaitry Remix)"

I just cannot stop listening to this!, this has to be Sam's greatest remix in his career so far and Nao and Sam Gellaitry really need to work on a full EP or LP.

This is Soul/R&B that speaks to the heart, soul and mind...I am in awe of this combination.

If you haven't heard either of the two artists mentioned here, then you need to investigate with the quickness, that's your homework kids...in the meantime enjoy this superb remix taken from Nao's - Fawk (For All We Know) Remixes EP, which also features a mad lovely remix of "Get To Know Ya" from Producer/Remixer extraordinaire Kaytranada.


March 1, 2017

Stanley Pedigree - Continuum (Single and Video)

Stanley Pedigree returns with a nostalgic nod to the vintage sound of no frills Hip-Hop.

With his trademark delivery over Mr Dirty Hairy production, the first new single ‘Continuum’ is a glimpse toward the future with elements of the past.

From the forthcoming EP ‘Forward Thought’ check out the new video x single ‘Continuum’ available now on DugOut Records.


R.I.P. T.C. akaTony Costa...always in memory fam

February 25, 2017

Joint of The Week : A+ "Me and My Microphone" (1996)

This week's Joint of The Week is a butter track from 1996 from A+ featuring Q-Tip over a Buckwild track, it's a dope little ode to his microphone and the trials and tribulations that come with owning a microphone and contains samples from Hugo Montenegro and the late, great Issac Hayes

Kid Rap was pretty popular in the 90's and A+'s debut album The Latch Key Child certainly had it's moments but it wasn't an overly essential album but it was definitely an impressive debut for a 13 year old East Coast kid that was doing tracks with Tip, Prodigy, AZ and also had a dope remix from Da Beatminerz.

I have always enjoyed this one though and thought Tip and Plus made a good combination...God bless the child that can hold his own...

Next post will be a 15 track compilation of all of the Joints of The Week so far.


February 20, 2017

Joint of The Week: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "It's A Demo" (1986)

It was a soul crushing and devastating blow to hear of the passing of Clyde Stubblefield (check all of the links on his Wikipedia page because there is a great deal on information) at 73 years of age of kidney failure, Clyde was not only one of the greatest drummers known to mankind but a Man whose contributions stretch to everything from Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breaks to Dance, Indie and Pop records and is still often sampled today, you have to understand that "Funky Drummer" completely dominated the 80's and 90's (and some of the 00's) musical landscape.

To actually decide on ONE track out of literally thousands was not an easy feat at all.

I thought it was best to go right back to one of the first ever uses of the infamous"Funky Drummer" loop in Hip Hop.

"It's A Demo" recorded by the legendary Kool G Rap & D.J. Polo and produced and mixed by the legendary Marley Marlthis timeless track definitely still holds up well some 30 odd years later.

I remember dubbing this off the Uncut Funk Radio Show and seriously playing the tape till it popped...so let's go back, way back into a time when Hip Hop was pure and undiluted.

R.I.P. Clyde Stubblefield

NB: My all time favourite usage of "Funky Drummer" goes to the legendary Eric B & Rakim on "Lyrics of Fury" I have still never heard those drums sound so sinister and The R absolutely murders the track to shreds!

February 19, 2017

2016-JMS Presents-It's A Remix! Vol 6 ('95 Edition)

Peace...It was pointed out to me that I hadn't yet posted up the sixth installment of the It's A Remix! series...so here is the '95 edition, 1995 was a prime year from both coasts (East and West) actually make that all coasts!

I hope this compilation delivers a great trip down memory lane or if you are not accustomed to these remixes then I hope you enjoy them.

Peace to my man Tim Burton, this is especially dedicated to you :)

2016-JMS Presents-It's A Remix! Vol 6 ('95 Edition)

01-Red Hot Lover Lover Tone ft Notorious B.I.G, Organized Konfusion & M.O.P.-4 My Peeps [Remix]
02-Ill Al Skratch-Don't Shut Down On A Player (Remix)
03-Mobb Deep-Survival Of The Fittest [Remix]
04-Champ MC-Funkhouse (Remix) (ReggieRockwilder)
05-Ol Dirty Bastard-Give It To Ya Raw (SD50 Remix)
06-Mic Geronimo-Masta I.C. (Remix)
07-The B.U.M.S.-Take A Look Around (Groovebumz Remix)
08-Keith Murray-Dip Dip Di (You Remix Me)
09-Erick Sermon-Bomdigi (Remix ft Tommy Gunn)
10-Troopa Deal-Brooklyn Swinga (Remix)
11-Black Moon-Headz Aint Redee (Beatminerz Remix)
12-Artifacts ft Mad Skillz-Dynamite Soul II (Lip Service Remix)
13-Kam-Pull Ya Hoe Card (Remix)
14-Big-L-MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)

R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G.
R.I.P Ol' Dirty Bastard
R.I.P Big L
R.I.P Tommy Gunn

February 18, 2017

Joint of the Week: Basement Khemists - Everybody (1999)

This week's joint of the week is from the highly underrated Kansas crew known as the Basement Khemists (J Lee, Taha aka Bro Neves, and Joc Max) who first came
to prominence with their "Vibrate" 12" (1999) which included this classic B-Side produced by Joc Max (who was also one half of Domecrackers alongside DJ Spinna)

* This was taken from the superb and essential best of Beyond Real Recordings compilation (2003)

Everything works incredibly well here...The Bob Marley & The Wailers vocal clip and bass line samples, the fat drums and conscious rhymes and sadly when you look at what pollutes and poisons the Hip Hop well in this day and age then this just seems like it was centuries ago before being absolutely talent-less and ignorant unfortunately became an acceptable part of the landscape.

Everything else that this crew released was dope as well and I hope someday they officially release the unreleased material that is floating around out there.


February 11, 2017

Joint of The Week: Sweatshop Union - "Feelin' Alright" (2002)

This week's Joint of The Week is lifted from Canadian Hip Hop outfit Sweatshop Union's debut album Local.604  but more precisely from the artist that was previously part of the crew: Kyprios

"Feelin' Alright" uses an infamous Joe Cocker sample of the same name to lovely effect and combined with a classic drum break (the original artists escape these dusty memory cells at the moment) just works well, I can't say that I was a big fan of all of their materiel but the first couple of SU albums are differently worth checking out.


February 9, 2017

Jigmastas - The Resurge (Music Video)

Buy / Stream: https://BBEmusic.lnk.to/TheResurge

A scintillating introduction to 'Resurgence', their first collection of unreleased material in more than a decade, 'Resurge' is the brand new single from New York hip hop veterans DJ Spinna & Kriminul aka Jigmastas. Earning their stripes during the 'second golden era' of East Coast hip hop 20 years ago, Spinna & Krim have continued to create together consistently, finally deciding this year to begin releasing music again.

Why now? As Spinna puts it "There's a void to be filled. We are from that era of classic boom bap, funky beats with jazzy and soulful elements, lyrical witticism and slickness, and most importantly originality…" In the opening chorus of 'Resurge', rapper Kriminul answers the same question in his distinctive lyrical style: "so much dummies in the game that you know I feel ashamed, but you know we got this, aint a damn thing changed."

Smooth, relaxed piano and horn loops ride over classic beats with Spinna's trademarked synth bass bubbling away at the low end; a track which calls to mind the very best DITC productions from back in the day. Kriminul's flow is just as flawless as ever; the perfect balance of conscious messages and gritty street-knowledge. With a new-found global interest in classic hip hop, the return of Jigmastas could not be more timely. Long may they keep on rockin'.

One L

February 7, 2017

Southpaw Chop...

Tokyo, Japan's Southpaw Chop aka DJ Hisa has just released 3 really dope singles featuring truly legendary East Coast artists Diamond-D

Kool G Rap and Craig-G

and A.G.

All tracks produced by Southpaw Chop are available for purchase on 7" inch vinyl for the vinyl collectors and in high quality audio for the digi heads

Don't forget to check for his earlier works and DJ mixes, you won't be disappointed.


February 6, 2017

Joint of The Week: Midrange - Youths In The Ghetto (1991)

Peace, it's a public holiday down my way today due to Waitangi Day but it is also the 72nd birthday of the late, great Robert Nesta Marley so this week's Joint of the Week is a classic and socially concious tune from the UK titled "Youths In The Ghetto" produced by Overlord X that samples Bob's "Could You Be Loved" and is taken from the Ragga Hip Hop Volume 2 compilation released in 1991.

Not much is known about Midrange his debut was on a 12" in 1987 and he followed that up with a promo 12" in 1988, he also appeared on Bassomatic's debut album and was part of Overlord X's X Possee.

I only have this track as a vinyl rip, please contact me if you have a CD rip of this compilation.

One L to the O V E

February 1, 2017

Joint of The Week: Mother Superia - "Most of All" (Produced by Reggie Noble) (1996)

Miami's Mother Superia was (at least to these ears) a cross between Roz, Lauryn Hill (you can hear a mad lovely la la vocal sample through this track) Champ MC and Passion and that wasn't a bad thing at all.

I think the reason her debut and only album Levitation didn't fare so well was due to some of the production choices, the album was in essence a mixed bag but this Redman produced track (also released as a single) was a definite winner and could have easily been placed on Erick Sermon's Insomnia compilation album.

A lot of people always look at Redman as a great MC and they would be right but he was nice behind the boards too and this smooth slice of Noble funk is just one fine example.


January 28, 2017

Joint of The Week: Subterranean - My Style is Phreaky (1997)

This week's joint of the week belongs to little known crew Subterranean who hailed from Iceland and released their debut album Central Magnetizm in 1997 which is well worth checking out.

Cell7 was absent from the scene for quite a while but released a solo album in 2013, which I recall hearing but can't really remember it as for the rest of the group, Frew Elfineh Taha aka Black Fist appeared on recordings with Promoe, Supersci and others and Gnúsi Yones has appeared on recordings from other Icelandic Hip Hop artists and according to Google, they still appear as a group at live shows from time to time.

"My Style is Phreaky" is pure 90's NYC mix-shows and mix-tapes flavour and the style is similar to classic DJ Spinna/Joc Max production...you will definitely hear Digable Planets and Fugees influences on this one.

"My Style is Phreaky" also appeared on the essential Wide Angles compilation released in 1999 as "My Style is Freaky".

This track is dedicated to my Friend, Steampunk, music and anarchy enthusiast/activist Emily Strange who sadly lost her battle with cancer last night, Emily was pretty much the official photographer of Evil Mule when I managed them and took some really great photos of live gigs and release parties over the years.

I will miss your cheeky and clever wit and laugh Emz, rest well hon xxxooo