January 20, 2018

The J.M.S. Fat Tape Vol.1 (2018)

01 Effiscienz feat Union Blak - A Jersey Tale (2018)
02 Extra Prolific - Never Changing (1994)
03 Mz Boom Bap and Ryler Smith - The Spark (Feat. Finsta) (2017)
04 Showbiz - Bronx Day (Feat Tashane and Majestic Gage) (2017)
05 Natural Elements - I Got Your Heart
06 Nefertiti - Miss Amutha Nature (1994)
07 Kurious - Tear Shit Up (1994)
08 Blaque Spurm - I'm Thirsty (Previously Unreleased)
09 Zhiggie - Rakin' In The Dough (Uptown Bounce Mix (Edit) (1992)
10 K-Solo - Letterman (Solid Scheme Remix) (1992)
11 EPMD - Brothers On My Jock (ft Redman) (1990)
12 Knucklehedz - Savages (1993)
13 13 12 Block - Anything
14 Caveman - Brother In Action (1992)
15 Prince Paul - Just Can't Give Up Ft. Buckshot, J-Zone

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January 17, 2018

J.M.S. Joint Of The Week: 12 Block - "It Ain't Nuthin" (1994/95)

12 Block was actually Long Island crew Hard To Obtain and this dope EP of unreleased joints recorded in 1994/95 was released in 2014 on the Heavy Jewelz imprint.

I often get the Mary.J Blige vocal sample in my head, in fact I did earlier today so it became this week's joint of the week and rightfully so those strings, slow loping drums and menacing bass-line make this joint a sure-shot.

12 Block - "It Ain't Nuthin" (1994/95)

Super duper fat shout out to Verge and OGDoninja.

January 6, 2018

2018-JMS Presents - A Tribute To E-Swift Volume 1

Happy New Year...and what better way to kick off the new year than with a dope compilation (first volume of two) from a very underrated West Coast Producer/DJ/MC.

Eric Brooks aka E-Swift was born in Columbus, Georgia and raised in Toledo, Ohio and came to prominence through the legendary King Tee with E-Swift appearing on King Tipsy's classic second LP "At Your Own Risk" on the mic and wheels of steel, this led to E.S.P. being formed with Tash and J-Ro (who had previously recorded with King Tee as part of the Compton Posse in the late 80's)

E.S.P. later changed their group name to Tha Alkaholiks on upon a suggestion from King Tee and due to issues with the E.S.P. name.

After appearing officially as Tha Alkaholiks on King Tee's classic third LP Tha Trilfin Album the crew released their classic debut LP 21 and Over in 1993 on Loud records and released 2 more other albums on the that label before taking a 3 year hiatus and releasing the Firewater album on Koch in 2006.

E-Swift has actually produced for a mad impressive array of dope artists over the years (including the late, great ODB and Sean Price) and could always keep up with the production trends and make consistent head nodding joints, I can attest to having quite mad gigs in the 90's where the likes of "Make Room", "Bottoms Up", "Hip Hop Drunkies", "I Got It Bad Y'all", "Only When I'm Drunk", "Likwit" and many others would fill a dance floor and punters would just lose it!

It's now 2018 and the good news is that E-Swift and Tha Liks are still releasing the ill ish and the long overdue and highly anticipated Liknuts LP with the legendary Corona, Queen's Beatnuts will see the light of the day this year.

In the meantime...enjoy!

2018-JMS Presents - A Tribute To E-Swift Volume 1

01 King Tee ft E-Swift- E Get Swift (1990)
02 Tha Alkaholiks - Can't Tell Me Shit (1993)
03 Defari - Big Up (1995)
04 Xzibit ft Saafir & Ras Kass - Plastic Surgery (1996)
05 Heltah Skeltah - Operation Lock Down (1996)
06 Tha Alkaholiks - Daaam (E-Swift Mix) *
07 King Just- Shaolin Soldiers (1995)
08 Defari - Likwit Connection (Feat. Phil Tha Agony & Tha Alkaholiks) (1998)
09 Tha Alkaholiks ft King Tee - Bottoms Up (1995)
10 Xzibit ft Tha Alkaholiks & King Tee - Let It Rain (1998)
11 Dilated Peoples - Right On (feat. Tha Alkaholiks) (2000)
12 Tha Alkaholiks - Make Room (1993)
13 Tha Alkaholiks Presents E & J Sound System - Rubber Bands (2015)
14 Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa 1 (DJ E-Swift Mix) (1994)
15 Barbershop MC's - New Era (feat. Xzibit) (1999)
16 Tha Alkaholiks - Coast II Coast (1995)

Volume 2 up soon


*Fat shout out to DJ Notaro for the hook up on that one :)

December 30, 2017

2016-J.M.S.-Presents - Non LP Cuts Vol 1

Edit: For some reason I never actually posted this...better late than never right?

Older heads will remember how much of a thrill it was when you would pick up a 12" inch and the artists had included a track that was not on the album that you had on constant rotation...and more often than not you would think why was it not on the album? I mean EPMD's-'Brothers From Brentwood L.I." (often stated as the ultimate B-Side/Non LP cut of all time) would have been perfect on the Business Never Personal album and Das EFX's "Hard Like A Criminal" which would have sat just right on the Dead Serious album.

As would have Gang Starr's "Credit Is Due" on the Step In The Arena album but it would actually have been more in place on the A Daily Operation album.

I never understood why Mic Geronimo's "Hemmin Heads" never made it on The Natural album and how on earth was the superb Lord Finesse produced "22 Years" from Ill Biskits not on their debut album?

Now I know that these compilations have absolutely been done before, hell my man Slurg even had a blog dedicated to the B-Side and Robbie at Unkut has had a decent run down of some as well but I wanted to make my own personal compilation.

From my dusty memory it was around the early or mid 80's when record companies were giving the record buying public a little extra but it really was in the 90's were they became such a staple on a 12" inch, cassingle or CD single.

So here is a compilation I am quite proud of as I think it just feels like an old 90's NYC radio show...and these are certainly some of my all time favourite Non LP/Bonus cuts and B-Sides.


2016-JMS Presents-Non LP Cuts Vol 1

01-Mad Skillz - Skillz In '95 (Dirty Mix) (1995)
02-Casual ft Pep Love - Rock On (1994)
03-EPMD - Brothers From Brentwood L.I. (1992)
04-H20 - Hip Hop Lifestyle (1994)
05-Black Sheep - Still In The Ghetto (1992)
06-Redman ft Roz - I Get Down Like That (1995)
07-Pete Rock and CL Smooth - We Specialize (1996)
08-De La Soul ft Jeff - Mack Daddy On The Left (1989)
09-Del Tha Funkee Homosapien ft Q-TipPep Love - The Undisputed Champs (1993)
10-Gang Starr - Credit Is Due (1991)
11-Ill Biskits - 22 Years (1994)
12-Mic Geronimo - Hemmin' Heads (Cheeba Version) (1994)
13-Shyheim - The B Side-Licka Shot (1994)
14-Greyson & Jasun - No Shortz (1991)
15-Craig Mack - Shinika (1994)
16-Keith Murray - Pay Per View (featuring Passione, LBM, Kel Vicious) (1995)
17-Fat Joe feat. Big Pun and Raekwon - Firewater (1995)
18-Saafir - Pull Ya Card (1994)
19-De La Soul feat. Biz Markie - Lovely How I Let My Mind Float (1993)
20-Kwame - Wake It Up (1992)
21-Mysterme and DJ 2020 - Couldn't Get It Right (1993)

Bonus Joint: Das EFX - "Hard Like A Criminal" (1992)

December 16, 2017

J.M.S. Joint Of The Week: Ill-Advised - "Against The Grain" (1996)

Comprised of rappers Baby Blak, Mr. Lish, and occasionally Rasheed (aka Maylay Sparks) the crew put out a number of 12'' in the mid-to-late 1990's on Quake City and later Eastern Conference Records

Quake City is a label out of Philly. Ill Advised recorded two albums for them that were only released in Japan under the “Blue Dolphin” imprint. In the States Quake City Records released number of 12'' from the Ill-Advised crew, the first being the obscure “Against the Grain/Kwestions/Through the Eye" (1996), the second being the college radio hit "N.A.M.E.S./Encore", and the last two the " Affairs" joint and another pressing with a remix featuring The Roots. Ill-Advised were also featured heavily on the first or second Eastern Conference Records 12'' with the songs "Captivating Cultivating", "All In Together Now" which featured Pauly Yams, and "Know A Little Nigga". Baby Blak is also featured on the original version of "Open Mic Night". 
Credit Discogs

Ill Advised - Against The Grain

Bonus Joints: RasheedIndustrypartybumrusha

Baby Blak -Wake Up

December 9, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: Jimi Jules - Every Detail (2017)

This week's Joint of the Week is an infectious and great House cut taken from the Watergate XV compilation album from Swiss DJ and Producer Jimi Jules, this reminds me of early 80's electronica and sports a great deep and rumbling bassline, warped keyboards and superb reverb and production values.

This might not be everyone's cup of tea but fans of House music and great production will really enjoy this, I have listened to the whole compilation and this was the track that stood out the most for me.

Jimi Jules - Every Detail (Original Mix)

December 5, 2017

J.M.S. Joint of The Week: MC Knowledge - "You Can Be Anything" (Prod. Flawless Tracks)

I have always said that to get to the real music you have to dig a little deeper and look well below the surface, those that know me, know fully well that I can't stand mainstream "Hip Hop" as I find it fake, insulting, fabricated and something that continues to destroy what so many built up, bled, sweat and shed tears for but enough about that...I am always searching out dope Rappers that can make a difference and a Friend at Instagram put me onto this dope video and track from Philly's MC Knowledge, who sounds a bit like CL Smooth over this ill beat that sounds like it's from a lost Stretch and Bobbito show...

But that's not the track am highlighting in this post, nope it's one off us his new The Dub Club EP and I am a massive fan of this because the production is dope, Knowledge has great lyrics and flow but best of all the message is crazy positive...imagine this at the top of the charts instead of horrible, plastic and brain-dead trash from the likes of Lil Pump, Cardi-B, Migos etc...The music World and the World in general would be in a much better place and I am so thankful for artists like MC Knowledge.

MC Knowledge -You Can Be Anything (Prod. Flawless Tracks)

1 L

November 25, 2017

2017-JMS Playlist - Deep House & House

Peace, You know I would say that my three favourite genres of music in this day and age are firstly true Hip Hop and then it's Deep House and Soulful House and Liquid DnB and I have realized that I haven't yet done a JMS playlist with just Deep House etc tracks so here is a 20 tracks deep compilation of what I consider some of the finest Deep House records released in 2017.

Enjoy :)

01 J Mills - Okay With Me (Original Mix)
02 Rocco - Someday (Summer Duck Mix)
03 Kerri Chandler - The Intro Rocco Love Reedit
04 Miguel Migs - Breaking Blues (Slow & Salty Mix)
05 Michael Eclectic - No Tell (Original Mix)
06 Antony Pollak - All Right (Jeff Fader Remix)
07 Eric Kupper - Yes People (Original Mix) 2017
08 Scott DiazMax Footwork - Risky Disco (Original Mix)
09 Jose Nunez, Past Deep, Pellygrossa - Facedown (Extended Mix) 
10 Kenny Summit, Nino Bellemo - Moving Forward (Original Mix)
11 Studioheist - Keeps You Goin (feat. Andre Espeut)
12 Crackazat - Seven Steps (Original Mix)
13 Dax On Sax, Lisa Shaw - Other Side (Sebb Junior Remix)
14 Makito - Yes It Was (Original Mix)
15 Hosini - Syna (Extended Mix)
16 Nebraska - Aglio E Olio (Laurence Guy Remix)
17 Honey Dijon - State of Confusion feat. Joi Cardwell
18 Sam Irl - You Don't Feel Enough (Session Victim Remix)
19 Vincent Caira - City Lights
20 Bruze D Angelo - Can I Get A Witness (Original Mix)

This post is dedicated to the late, great Scott Bulloch, thank you for everything you did for music (that includes your infamous Tee-Shirts, always loved the Dilla one) and promotion in this country, you were your own industry bro and your contributions won't ever be forgotten...rest easy Scott.

November 19, 2017

2017-JMS Presents- Brand Nubian -The Remix Files

This is an updated version (higher quality versions -nothing at 192 kpbs or lower) of a Brand Nubian remix compilation I did up way back in 2009 (the links are long dead) but it only focuses on Brand Nubian and not solo Grand Puba (I will do a B-Sides, Remixes etc compilation at a later date), there isn't any point going into detail about how Brand Nubian are one of the greatest groups in Hip Hop history as it's all there in the first post.

This compilation showcases dope remixes from 1990-1996 and well the music indeed does all of the talking for the legendary New Rochelle, New York outfit.

2017-JMS Presents- Brand Nubian -The Remix Files

01 All For One (Tramp Remix)
02 Word Is Bond (Remix)
03 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Remix)
04 Hold On (Remix)
05 Steal Ya Ho (Remix Vocal)
06 Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix Featuring Diamond D)
07 Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Remix)
08 Slow Down (Pete Rock's Newromix)
09 Allah U Akbar (Remix Vocal)
10 Concerto In X Minor (Remix)
11 Wake Up (Sunshine Extended Mix)
12 All For One (Remix Radio)
13 Sadat X - The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix)
14 Probable Cause (O.G Mix)
15 Lick Dem Muthaph@!_as (Remix)

*Big props to Janka-man and Verge Tibbs for some of these joints.